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Every journey has a story


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Bristol in the 1830s is not the place for two young girls in love.


Ann helps Issy through the tragic loss of her father until a disastrous set of circumstances leads to the lovers being sent to the convict colony of Australia where Ann and Issy have a fight on their hands to stay together.


They battle against an evil they thought they’d left behind, desperately trying to hold onto a love forged years before on the other side of the world. Read a sample here

A world inverted Book 2 - 7 january 2014 release

28th June 1940

“Do you hear that?” Lou asks Brenda as they’re swept up among the thousands of people flowing through the cobbled High Street towards the bus terminus by the harbour. Brenda cocks her head in the warm summer evening, trying to hear over the din of people  talking about Sherwill’s speech that’s just finished.

“It sounds like --” Brenda’s words are cut off by high-pitched screams of terror piercing the air, echoing off the buildings and down the street.

The Germans are coming!” Brenda and Lou share a disbelieving look as the drone of airplanes can be heard, getting louder every second, drowning out the yells of people packed like sardines on the town streets with no way of escape. Panic grips the crowd as it surges forward together, men and women scrabbling and fighting through the wave of bodies, desperate to find cover. The metal grey German planes fly low, swastika visible on their tails and a cross painted on the underside of their wings.

To be released 2014 - Guernsey’s Occupation (to be named)